New Buick Cascada 2023 Price, Review, Specs

New Buick Cascada 2023 Price, Review, Specs – The New Buick Cascada 2023 was modeled after the European Opel Cascada. The fact that Opel was sold to General Engines in 2017 has meant that the vehicle hasn’t seen much change since its release is a further factor. Unfortunately, the Cascada is not likely to benefit from this lack of updates and its poor performance in the segment. Opel confirmed the European version’s end at the beginning of 2019, and we expect the Buick variant will follow suit. So if you are still in love with this old convertible, it may be your last chance.

New Buick Cascada 2023 Redesign

Exterior Design

The New Buick Cascada 2023 has a stylish body and elegant contours. To reduce drag, the body is placed low to the ground. The standard 20-inch Cascada wheels are optimized to optimize grip. The Buick grille is adorned with adaptive xenon headlights. Fog lights are hidden deep in the bumper of the Premium trim. Standard features include LED daytime running lights, taillights, and LED daytime running lamps. Soft-top roofs that are power-controlled are lighter and more straightforward than hard-top versions. It provides excellent insulation.

Although Cascada’s Interior is compact, its exterior dimensions are more significant and emphasize its luxury cruiser character. The Cascada measures 184.9 inches in length and 72.4 inches in width. It is considerably more critical than the Audi A3, which measures 163.5 inches long by 68.3 inches wide. The wheelbase measures 106.1 inches. The Cascada measures only 56.8 inches high, which is a small size for its class. It’s not surprising, given its size, that this convertible is heavy. However, 3,979 lbs making it one of the largest convertibles in the compact category.

New Buick Cascada 2023 Exterior

New Buick Cascada 2023 Exterior

There are seven colors to choose from for the Buick Cascada and three options for the soft-top roof: Ebony or Malbec. The Sweet Mocha roof can be paired with Summit White, Ebony Twilight, and Dark Moon Blue. While the Malbec roof replaces Dark Moon Blue with Rioja Red Metallic, You can pair the Ebony roof with any of these colors, as well as Flip Chip Silver and Smoked Pearl Metallic.

The trims have further restrictions. The base SV has access only to Summit White, Dark Moon Blue, and the Premium has access to six. This excludes the Sport Red, which is available for the Sport Touring trim. In addition, Summit White, Ebony Twilight Metallic, and Summit White are all excluded.

Interior Design

Cascada is a Sunday car, but the Interior is a mental hospital Monday driver. You will struggle to see well due to the high beltline and short windscreen. When you want to see the touchscreen display hidden deep in the console, you will need to pull your seatbelt against it. The console is stuffed with buttons and analog knobs, which are all placed unexpectedly.

The saving grace for all this is that the controls are not overly complicated once you get used to them, and the steering wheel-mounted rules are easy to use. Even though it feels a little cramped, the Interior is luxuriously upholstered with leather. Although technically, the New Buick Cascada 2023 can seat four people, those in the rear seats might find the legroom or headroom very restricted.

New Buick Cascada 2023 Interior

New Buick Cascada 2023 Interior

Taller people may feel uncomfortable in their hearts due to the 31.6-inch headroom and high seating position for a convertible. There is plenty of space for this, with 42.2 inches of front legroom. However, regardless of where you sit, the seats don’t feel very comfortable. The seats are firm and flat, and they don’t provide much comfort for longer drives. This is unfortunate considering that the Cascada was designed to be a long-haul car.

Taller drivers may have difficulty with the driver’s seat or steering wheel position. Also, the dashboard is relatively low, so that visibility can be a problem. The high seating position makes it easier to ingress and egress, but rear passengers will have difficulty reaching their seats even with the Easy Entry system.

New Buick Cascada 2023 Engine

The turbocharged four-cylinder turbocharged engine powers the Cascada. It produces 200 horsepower and 207 lb-ft. Although the engine can temporarily be overpowered to produce 221 horsepower under heavy throttle loads, it does not provide any real benefit in daily driving. Although 200 horsepower is not insufficient, it doesn’t seem sufficient to propel the heavy convertible. The engine is slow to accelerate, and when it reaches high rpm, it starts to sound unhappy. There is also a noticeable drop in torque.

New Buick Cascada 2023 Engine

New Buick Cascada 2023 Engine

It doesn’t work well with the six-speed automatic gearbox, which is paired with the engine. It’s slow and inaccurate, shifting down when it shouldn’t and up when it should. These shortcomings may not be so noticeable on the open road once you reach cruising speed, but they can quickly become unacceptable in towns or highways where responsive performance is required.

New Buick Cascada 2023 Release Date And Price

The New Buick Cascada 2023 is very affordable for luxury convertibles. The base model 1SV goes for just $33,995 without tax, licensing, and a $925 destination fee. Although the Premium Cascada has some excellent safety features, it doesn’t have much else. The $36,995 price tag may seem steep. However, sport Touring is available for just $1,000 more. Although the Sport Touring model has a few aesthetic changes, it is still a very affordable luxury convertible at $37,995.